Advancing Care Options
for Canadians and Beyond

We open the doors to a comprehensive network of primary and specialty care doctors. When your health gets complicated, you want a team of experts by your side with a complete view of your condition so a care plan can be put into place to help you get better.

Healthcare is Better
When It’s Together

It’s easy to manage your family’s health in one place. From cardiology to gynecology, there’s nothing we love more than caring for you.

Your Health.
Your Way.

Driven by discovery, innovation, and a deep responsibility for the health of our communities, we are dedicated to improving the health of the people and diverse communities we serve.

Caring for People with
Dignity and Respect

MedCare Health System prides itself in serving many patients nationwide, in all aspects of their healthcare needs. We provide various communities with accessible medical clinics, drug marts, imaging centres, cardiac health clinics, medical tourism, medical aesthetics, virtual care and more.

Areas of Care

At A Glance


Our Healthcare Providers specialize in individualized care, and many have advanced training in specific diagnoses.


Healthcare doesn't have to be difficult. We're constantly finding ways to make it easy so that you can get better and stay that way.


Our healthcare team is comprised of a variety of ethnicities enabling us to be better positioned to understand the diverse needs of the patient populations we serve.

One size doesn’t fit all. Every patient is different, and so is each healthcare journey. But there’s one common thread:

The sooner you begin being proactive in your journey, the better your health outcome will be.

At MedCare Health System, no two treatment plans are alike. We individualize each patient’s care with one-on-one care close to home.